Kim Coleman & Jenny Hogarth, video still 3, 2012, Courtesy the artists
Kim Coleman & Jenny Hogarth, video still 2, 2012, Courtesy the artists


JS: It is my desire to begin these three email conversations with exactly the same question. This is not to suggest that your practices are in any way identical, but to stress the point that an exhibition is a shared environment for a moment in time, from which your ideas will ‘distribute’ themselves through the different ways that people experience and engage with them – be it online or in physical actuality. With this in mind I would like to begin by asking about your experiences of working collaboratively, why do you employ it and what advantages does it afford your practice/s?

KCJH: It’s fun, we like making work in tandem, it also means immediate feedback on ideas. Our work has always been the result of on-going conversation and often reveals this. Our video ‘If you can’t see my mirrors I can’t see you’ was of a Skype conversation we had about making the work. The call was recorded on the computers’ inbuilt cameras and on our own video cameras, and reassembled to reveal the dynamics of the set up. Our new blog is an even more structured insight into a dialogue. With the blog we are taking turns to post videos (in response to the other’s previous post) to create an evolving video conversation.

Kim Coleman & Jenny Hogarth, video still 1, 2012, Courtesy the artists